I’ve always loved taking pictures, but it wasn’t until after the purchase of my first digital SLR camera, did I really find how much I really enjoy the creativity the field can offer. I am an aspiring photographer based in St. Louis, Missouri, and my primary interests have always been scenery, landscapes, and travel photography, though as my skills expand, so have my interests.

For a long time I have embraced technology and how to use technology creatively for art. A long time ago, I began using CorelDraw for my job, and once I learned the program, I began to use it for creating drawings rather than using paper and pencil or another art form. When I began taking pictures digitally, and then learned about the creative opportunities that Adobe Photoshop presented, it really opened up a new creative outlet for me to pursue.

In addition to photography, my other passions are Jeeps and driving off-road. I’ve been active with a local Jeep Club for about the last 10 years and have volunteered to do artwork for them, and to help produce their annual calendar each year. As a member of the club I have met a lot of friends and continue to meet more new ones. We often spend our vacations traveling as a group to remote destinations each year and trail riding to new and exciting places. Now more than ever, I am really excited because I am able to combine both passions to get some new original photographic opportunities.

I’ve built this website as a place to showcase my work as well as a place to bring friends to see pictures of our expeditions together. As for the story behind the website name…as you can see I have a very common name. It seemed that every variation I could think of is already in use by someone else. In the Jeep Club, everyone uses “handles” or usernames, so when we are communicating via CB on the trail, we can be identified easily. So I decided to use my club name, Tigershark, and incorporate it into the website.

The site is ever evolving as I learn how to implement things differently, so please feel free to look around, and come back anytime. If you need anything just click on the Contact button and shoot me an email.

Thanks for stopping by,


aka Tigershark

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